Tahini (Sessame Oil) and Walnut Cookies

    Tahini and Walnut Cookies Recipe

    Ingredients :

    • 2 water glass sessame oil
    • 1/2 water glass oil
    • 1 water glass caster sugar
    • 1 package baking powder
    • 1 package vanilla
    • 1 glass moderate beaten walnut
    • 3 glass flour
    • Walnut or sessame

    Preparation :

    Put the sessame oil (tahini), oil and powdered sugar into the mixing bowl and mix them. Then add walnut, baking powder and vanilla. Knead while adding flour slowly until you get a middle soft dough.

    Dough should be a little sticky, make sure it is not hard.

    Grab walnut size pieces from the dough and roll them into palms.

    Put them over a greased baking tray. Decorate with a half walnut. Try to leave some space in between each cookies.

    Bake it at 160-170 degrees preheated owen until cookies get cracked and pinkish.

    Leave to cool onto the owen tray. Then take the cookies with tahini and walnuts onto a serving plate. Serve with tea or coffee.

    While cooking, cookies expand their sizes. So try to leave room between cookies when placing them onto owen tray.

    Be careful while taking them from the tray, because cookies can crumble easily.

    Bon appetite

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