Strawberry Chocolate Bouquet Recipe

    Strawberry Chocolate Bouquet Recipe

    Ingredients :

    • Strawberry
    • Dark chocolate
    • Colored sugar decorations
    • Wrought, peanuts, nuts or coconut

    Preparation :

    Wash strawberries and dry softly.

    Then melt the chocolate with bain-marie cooking (double boiler) method.

    What is Bain-Marie Method?

    One container with chocolate to be cooked is placed in another, larger pan containing water that is at the simmering point. This method of cooking surrounds the chocolate with very low heat. So the chocolate melts during the time. This cooking method is also used for custards or white sauces.

    A bain-marie cooking method is also known as a water bath or double boiler.

    Dip a wood stick to bottom part of the strawberry. Put strawberries into melted chocolate. Then dredge(roll on) them in colored sugar, green pistachio, hazelnut or coconut. Finally, place it into a small pot or cup. Leave to rest at least 30-35 minutes until the chocolate solidifies. Serve cold.

    Bon appetite

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