Puff Pastry Cones Recipe

    Puff Pastry Cones Recipe

    Ingredients :

    • 2 rectangular puff pastry
    • Greaseproof paper (parchment paper)
    • Grated chocolate
    • Coconut
    • Chopped nuts
    • Pistachio
    • For pudding:
      • 1.5 cups milk
      • 1 heaping tablespoon flour
      • 1 tablespoon starch
      • 1.5 tablespoons coconut
      • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
      • 1 tablespoon butter
      • 1 teaspoon vanilla

    Preparation :

    Firstly, make 8 cones from parchment paper as shown at photo 1-2.

    Sprinkle flour onto kitchen counter. Put the puff pastry dough on the counter. Open with a rolling pin. Cut finger-thick strips. Wrap the puff pastry dough strips on cones as shown at photo 6-7. Then, put the puff pastry cones onto a oven tray with greaseproof paper. Cook at preheated 175 degree oven untill lightly browned.

    Put milk, flour, starch, sugar and coconut a deep saucepan. Mix very well. Put the saucepan onto the stove. Cook stirring continuously until thickened. Finally, add vanilla and butter into the saucepan. Stir a times. Beat with a mixer for 2-3 minutes and let cool.

    Get puff pastry cones from oven. Leave to cool. Gently remove the paper cone cones. Fill the pudding into the cones. Then, soak pastry cones, grated chocolate, peanuts or coconut. Sprinkle powdered sugar onto and serve.

    Bon appetite

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