How To Make Winter Tomatoes Preserves

    How To Make Winter Tomatoes Preserves

    Ingredients :

    • Tomatoes
    • Salt
    • Glass bottle

    Preparation :

    Wash the tomatoes and peel the tomato. Cut in half. Squeeze your hand and remove the seeds.

    Chop the tomatoes into small cubes. Fill the chopped tomatoes into large size glass bottles. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon salt onto tomatoes. Finally, the jars lids tightly closed.

    On the other hand, put the pressure cooker into a thick cloth. Place the jars on. Pour water to cover the jars, cover the pot and let it boil. Turn down the bottom of the oven after boiling. Boil 15 minutes, preserved. Then, remove from stove. Remove the jars with a thick cloth, turn it over, leave to cool.

    Keep winter tomato preserves out of the fridge and sunlight. The winter tomatoes preserves can be served in meals and sauces.

    Bon appetite

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