Fresh Cowpea Salad Recipe

    Fresh Cowpea Salad Recipe

    Ingredients :

    • 250 g fresh cowpea
    • 2 cloves garlic
    • 1/2 lemon juice
    • 4-5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
    • Salt

    Preparation :

    Cut the head parts of the cowpeas with a knife. Cowpea washed, cut into segments of equal length.

    Pour hot water into a saucepan. Add cowpeas and garlic into. Boil for 15-20 minutes until soft. Then, pour cold water into a deep bowl. Take the cowpeas with perforated ladle. Put cowpeas into the cold water.

    Drain the cowpeas. For cowpea salad sauce; peel the garlic. Mash the garlic with fork. Put mashed garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and salt into a small bowl. Stir with wire whisk thoroughly. Pour the sauce onto fresh cowpeas and mix well. Cover onto the salad. Leave to rest until 40-45 minutes. Then serve.

    Bon appetite

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