Dried Tomato Cheese Balls Recipe

    Dried Tomato Cheese Balls Recipe

    Ingredients :

    • 60 g full-fat cheese
    • 50 g low-fat cheese
    • 2 tablespoons crushed walnuts
    • 5-6 dried tomatoes
    • 3 tablespoons olive oil
    • 2 teaspoon black cumin
    • 1 pinch dill
    • A small amount of red pepper flakes

    Preparation :

    Put dried tomatoes into a bowl. Pour hot water onto. Leave until 3 minutes. Then, drain the dried tomatoes and dry with paper towels. Then chop the dried tomato into mini cubes.

    Put cheese into a deep bowl. Mash with the help of fork and mix it. Put finely chopped dill ve dried tomato into the bowl. Then, add walnuts, black cumin, olive oil and red pepper. Mix them for a while.

    Take small pieces from the mixture. Roll it in your hand. Put dried tomato cheese balls on a serving plate. Pour olive oil onto and serve.

    Bon appetite

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