Benefits Of Mandarin

    Benefits Of Mandarin

    Ingredients :

    • Mandarin

    Preparation :

    Mandarin is citrus that is consumed especially during the winter months. Mandarin is a sweet, juicy and sweet smelling fruit. Grows in temperate climates.

    Mandarin is a rich source of vitamins. Mandarin is vitamin store A, B and C. Important to consume 2-3 units a day.

    Benefits Of Mandarin

    It helps to hell from the diseases of colds, flu. It consists too much (abundance of) antioxidants.

    Improves the immune system. Reduces atherosclerosis. Strengthens the body against heart and blood vessel disease. It cleans the blood. It is good for hepatitis disease.

    It is good for cholesterol.

    Lowers high blood pressure. Calms the nerves.

    Relieves thirst.

    Regulates the digestive system. There are benefits to the intestines. Removes constipation.

    Strengthens the body"s defenses and prevents premature aging of cells.

    Bon appetite

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